ARCHIVES - Themes 2nd Edition 2019-2020

Ingredients, cooking, serving techniques, and eating together form the foundations of the cultural identity and continuity of communities across the Silk Roads. Gastronomy provides the focus for important moments of social exchange and communication, offering an affirmation and renewal of family, group or community identity. 

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Cloe Ando UNESCO Silk Roads

Music is both an emblematic representation of different cultures, as well as an agent that promotes universal shared experiences and open dialogue. Different forms of music, as well as the various instruments used to create it, spread far beyond their various regions of origin accompanying people wherever they moved and traded along the Silk Roads.

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Eamon Brockenbrough UNESCO Silk Roads

Traditional sports and games are outstanding elements of the cultural identities of different people living along the Silk Roads. The interactions and reencounters that have been taking place for thousands of years along the Silk Roads provided considerable opportunities not only for the spread of traditional sports and games throughout different regions but also for their enrichment at different levels. 


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Traditional Sports and Games